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GBPUSD H1 on 9 Nov, 2012.
Price touched 78.6 nicely and confluence with the EMA200 too. A very nice setup.
Both targets were hits.

The result on M30:


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Cypher GBPJPY H1 on 27 Sept, 2012.
Both targets were hits but with SL 20 pips (make sense for this pair).

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A Simple Rules

Original Time Frame: 1 hour

Find an impulse leg, name it X to A.

Then for the B point:
Minimum retracement is 38.2 of XA.
Maximum retracement is 61.8 of XA.

C is the extension to a minimum 127.2 of XA but no candle close beyond 141.4.

Move the fib at the A point to a completion of C to find the 78.6 retracement of XA.
Draw the fib from X to C to find the D at the 78.6 retracement. That is the PRZ.

Stop loss is 10 pips above/below X.
Target 1: 38.2 of CD
Target 2: 61.8 of CD


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Ratio Trading: Looking at 2 Cypher Patterns Today

Jason Stapleton's Video on Cypher

Triple Threat Trading Announces Discovery of New Harmonic Charting Pattern

Triple Threat Trading Announces Discovery of New Harmonic Charting Pattern

WEBWIRE – Monday, April 30, 2012

Kansas City, MO, USA – Triple Threat Trading in cooperation with The Trading Institute today announced the discovery of a new harmonic charting pattern.

The Cypher Pattern is the first harmonic charting pattern to be discovered in over ten years and is 80-90% effective at predicting market corrections.

“We are extremely excited”, said Chief Currency Strategist, Jason Stapleton.  “This discovery will have far reaching implications in virtually every market in the world.  We feel overwhelmed and privileged to have the opportunity to bring this pattern to the market"

The discovery, which falls into the category of advanced pattern formations such as the Gartley and Butterfly, was first identified by Darren Oglesbee, a trader and Senior Vice President at Triple Threat Trading.

“When Darren first approached me with the pattern I was skeptical,” said Stapleton.  “I took it to some people inside our organization and we did some preliminary testing.  When we got the results back from our team I was shocked.  I thought, this is going to be huge.”

Triple Threat Trading anticipates the pattern’s release in mid to late May after final testing and historical track record has been completed.

For additional information, visit